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SCENAR can even improve skin tone and appearance and so can be used for


SCENAR is an acronym for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation. It is drug free and completely non invasive to the body.The device was developed in Russia for use in Space as a treatment modality for the astronauts to self treat (No doctors in space!). However Perestroika curtailed the Space Programme and it was never used in this way. Nevertheless it is used within the Russian Health Care System.

During the development of Scenar all different types of healing modalities were investigated, both Eastern and Western. Thus influences of acupuncture, reflexology, biofeedback, neuropeptide responses and electrostimulation effects have been incorporated and can be seen in the way the device is used by the therapist.

How does SCENAR work

The small electrical signals of the device work with the body's own electrical signalling system. The output of the SCENAR device mimics the body’s own electrical signals. The wave pattern (from the device) is identified by the body as coming from itself. The onboard computer modifies the signal being sent out in response to the changes detected in the feedback from body . This continual modulation prevents the body ignoring the signals (adaptation).

So during treatment a sophisticated biofeedback between the device and the body develops– a “conversation” if you like. The body is alerted to areas needing attention and using its innate resources
( the immune system, the neuroendocrine system, the nervous system) , the body is encouraged into initiating the healing process.

SCENAR stimulates change in the body; the body cannot ignore the signals as it can with some electrical pain relieving devices such as TENS. TENS may give pain relief but adaptation can occur and TENS doesn't have a bio feed back effect with stimulates healing changes within the body which SCENAR does.

As the body changes and tries to restore homeostasis (healthy normal balance) old and sometimes forgotten problems come to the surface to be resolved. Of course this will take time. If you have had a problem for 10 – 15 years many adaptations will have occurred and your body will need time as well as resources to heal itself once the connection has been established. Generally speaking in the field of energy medicine a month of treatment for every year you've had the problem is a general ball park time scale you may be looking at.

Remember with SCENAR the body is being encouraged to heal unlike other treatments which merely attempt to reduce the symptom of pain.
A tingling sensation is felt as the device is brushed over the skin of the body. Sometimes an area of redness may appear spontaneously on the body, away from the area being brushed. This indicates an area that is responding and requiring further treatment. When the device is brushed over the skin an area of interest is indicated by the device sticking on a patch of skin, or there may be an increase or decrease in the sensation or sound from the device or an area of redness. These areas may not be where you feel the problem / pain, by treating these areas however connections are made and healing begins.


What does it feel like ?

How safe is it?

As SCENAR uses a wave form similar to the body’s own nerve impulses it is non – damaging. However certain conditions are contra-indicated.

If you have a cardiac pacemaker or any implanted electronic unit then you are not allowed to have Scenar treatment.
As SCENAR stimulates your natural body systems,organ transplants are a contraindication.
If you have an acute mental condition, an infectious disease, a very high temperature or are intoxicated. SCENAR treatment is inappropriate.
Pregnant women are not usually treated in the west.
Epilepsy requires treatment from a therapist who has had specific training in this area.
Some people are over-sensitive to electrical stimulation. The SCENAR can still be effective on very low power, at a sub- sensation low level. However, even at this some people may not tolerate it.

If you have joint replacements, or other metal eg nails from old fractures then SCENAR is safe. If you have piercings or metal jewelery in the area for treatment, they will need to be removed

How long does treatment take ?

SCENAR is a very intensive treatment. The body is responding all the time the device is on you. Some techniques are more intense than others so 30 minutes may be enough. Generally a session may last 1 hour or more and will vary from session to session depending on the body’s responses .A course of treatment in chronic situations is 10 -12 sessions frequency is variable from individual to individual. Acute conditions often respond to shorter more frequent sessions. In acute soft tissue injuries (sports) often only 1 or 2 sessions are required.

Sometimes a treatment may start or end with time lying in the ORGONE ENERGY BLANKET.

The Orgone energy blanket is based on work originally made by Wilhelm Reich. Orgone energy is a term he coined. It refers to the subtle bioenergy which is part of our being, similar probably to the Chi or Ki of Chinese and Japanese medicine. The Energy Blanket works by helping the body to rebalance itself energetically, reflecting back the body’s own infra red and extra-high frequency emissions to itself, thereby, preparing the body for treatment, or supporting the body to rebalance. It is a treatment in itself and can be used between SCENAR sessions if necessary or desired.

As SCENAR stimulates the nervous system to produce regulatory neuropeptides (part of the healing process) which can last for several hours, your treatment continues – sometimes for several days. After a course of treatment, in chronic conditions , changes may be occurring for a month or more. If several courses are required, it is usual for a month to lapse to allow the body to assimilate and continue restorative work.

What conditions can be treated with SCENAR

Acute & chronic problems

Soft tissue injuries
Sports injuries
Neck & shoulder pain
Spinal problems
Overuse injuries
Digestive disorders
Circulation problems
Immune & hormonal imbalances
Where surgery has failed – there is still hope
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Aaron 37 self employed builder
Problem Scolisis of lumbar spine, degenerative changes to lower lumbar spine with spinal compression resulting in approximately10% loss in body height. 4 years duration.

Previous treatment Physiotherapy (3months) little change
         Chiropractor (14months) still getting pain
         Massage Therapist short term relief

"I have had to give up sports and reduce my workload by 50%. I sometimes only get only 2-3 hours of sleep at night owing to pain. In the morning I’m in great pain just putting my shoes on.
SCENAR feels like a light pin prick on your skin. I had little response from the first 2 treatments but after the 3rd I found a big change and have continued to.
After trying everything else I am pleased to find a drug and pain free solution. I would recommend it."


Female age 45

"I had had antidepressants which worked fine until about 6 months after I stopped taking them.
I’ve had this problem for 4 years on and off.
I had poor sleep patterns and fatigue. I didn’t want to attend things I’d previously enjoyed.

I found the SCENAR experience itself quite relaxing. The device causes a tingling sensation on your skin.

I felt the difference after one session. I felt more energised. I was back to my normal self after the 6th session – Thank you Sue.
When I started treatment I was due to take an overseas holiday (long haul) and I had already told my GP that I didn’t think I would be able to go. Needless to say that after treatment I DID go on holiday and had a great time.
In Oct 1997 I had an operation on my lower back to release the sciatic nerve that was squashed by a prolapsed disc, since then I have always been careful with my back. In March 2013 I injured my lower back which after several months of physiotherapy, self-management and medication I ended up at a specialist and the recommendation was a spinal fusion. I decided to give myself 6 months of self-management to see if I could build my core strength however I could not do this without being heavily medicated for pain. I was on three doses of tramadol a day which caused server tiredness, fatigue and nausea. I am an instructor of swimming and aquarobics and worked 30 hours a week, my hours had to be cut to 8 hours of swim instruction, wasn’t able to deliver the aquarobic classes so was severely handicapped. Now comes the great part of my story, a customer of mine who had a back injury told me about Sue Lewis, and the treatment she was having with Sue. The results were amazing so of course I called Sue. My first session with Sue was the 4 May 2013 where we mainly gathered information and chose a therapy called SCENAR. My first SCENAR session was Saturday 12 May, up until this date I was still taking full medication so I could function. This is where things changed for me, 3.30am Sunday 13 May I woke to go to visit the ‘little room’ and was back in bed when I realised I had NO PAIN, I was so excited I woke my husband to tell him, then I couldn’t sleep for excitement. To cut a long story short I did not need any medication the next day or since, had about four sessions with Sue before I decided to stop as the sessions allowed me to stop taking medication, start a walking and swimming programme and increase my work hours. Today 28 August 2013 I am back working 30 hours, instructing Aquarobics, swimming an hour and walking 50 minutes. I have my life back and it is all due to Sue Lewis and the SCENAR therapy. I still have to be careful and still get some aches if I don’t take care but I am one happy person. If things get worse for whatever reason I will be straight back to Sue Lewis, she will be the first person I go to. THANKS SUE!!!!!
Ann, North Canterbury